The Solution


The head is the principal location of human consciousness – the vital life force. Concussions forcefully “disturb” consciousness, abruptly limiting its vital influence


Forceful “disturbances” in consciousness reduce the brain’s ability to regulate vital activities. The result? Random and frightening “disruption” of basic brain function


Brain function is “devitalized” so suddenly sports concussions are misidentified as untreatable traumatic brain injuries.Thankfully, the vast majority are neither…


If you are currently concussed, sidelined, symptomatic and hoping to accelerate your recovery, you’re in the right place. This original service, the Concussion Recovery Protocol, is offered only through this site.

The Concussion Recovery Protocol is not a treatment or management program. The CRP is a recovery protocol that helps safely resolve concussive symptoms and mobilize the return to pre-concussion health.


Sport-induced concussions are a worldwide problem – a concern for athletes, a liability for sports, a dilemma for medicine, and an enigma for science. Concussions are pervasive, poorly understood, and universally considered untreatable.

The Protocol

This website earnestly features a genuine, time-tested recovery protocol for sport-induced concussions.

The CRP is credibly described as The Solution for athletic concussions because it works. And it stands alone. The protocol is undeniably safe. It is a peaceful, calming experience, during which people often fall asleep.

The protocol helps restore the body’s natural ability to self correct. This is evidenced by symptoms that begin to abate and/or resolve during, or right after the initial session. This indicates that the transition, “the shift” from being concussed to the onset of recovery has just occurred, a result that occurs in more than 90% of CRP applications. Thus the description Fast Track.

Sport-induced concussions are best addressed immediately following an athlete’s official diagnosis and medical exam because the unique recovery characteristics, especially the rate of recovery (fast, moderate or slow) become encoded and carry the potential to marginally influence or wholly govern similar future head trauma recoveries. This makes the speed of a full recovery the most important recovery factor of all.

It is both heartening and mind-boggling that the same initial treatment that helps to resolve an existing concussion also carries the potential to defend against future concussions, providing the protocol is implemented as soon as possible post-injury, while symptoms are still present.

The Problem

Sport-induced concussions result in three distinctly different problems. Concussions forcefully:

  • disturb consciousness
  • disrupt physiological function
  • disable the critical synchronicity that normally exists between the two

The typically adverse result is an unwelcome and incomprehensible mishmash of physical and mental imbalances.

By muddling consciousness, disrupting functional performance, and disabling critical coordination, concussive forces confound the body’s innate ability to appraise its own dysfunction. Temporarily unable to self-evaluate, the body is also blocked from self-repair.

Consciousness (the life force) and physiology (the body) are inescapably interdependent. All is well when these two vastly complex and very dissimilar systems are operating in synchronous harmony. Unfortunately, concussions consistently force consciousness and physiology out of sync, the typical aftermath of which are random variations of muddled cognitive and disrupted physiological function.

The ultimate intent of the Concussion Recovery Protocol is to assist in reestablishing the crucial synchronicity between consciousness and physiology. Once reinstated, whole body balance is naturally restored.

The Solution

The CRP is a specifically adapted, standardly applied procedure that minimally, non-invasively endeavors to “prompt” (stimulate) reinstatement of balanced functionality. The solution begins by addressing the most readily available component, the body of the athlete.

The protocol gently mobilizes the body’s multifaceted troubleshooting, self-correcting and self-maintenance capabilities, most or all of which are transiently stymied or inoperative in the aftermath of concussive impact. In addition, the body is shocked, withdrawn, wary of, and resistant to further input.

The CRP is uncomplicated. Its use simply and non-aggressively addresses a concussed athlete, with light, minimalist, yet adeptly applied, hand-to-body, physical prompts (bodywork addresses). The intent is to gently alert (arouse, awaken) the body’s innate, but trauma-compromised and guarded awareness.

Once properly alerted, that awareness can then steadily reemerge and, in its own time, initiate proper restoration of the normal maintenance capacities a healthy body routinely uses (and literally relies upon) to identify and correct the unnatural physiological imbalances that manifest following a sport-induced concussion, including but not limited to disorientation, dizziness, headaches, nausea, impaired vision and cognitive deficits. The CRP helps to resolve concussions in the same natural way that shivering or sweating helps to maintain optimal body temperature.

In essence, neither practitioner, recipient nor technique are truly at cause. What is at cause is an alliance of the conscious life force and the inborn genius of the body, being gently prompted to reunify and work in harmony at optimum function.

Mechanisms of Action

Given the absence of comprehension regarding concussion recoveries, and the long overdue emergence of a restorative solution, the fundamental mechanisms of action mobilized in utilizing the CRP are worthy of additional elaboration.

The CRP literally overrides traumatized functionality by employing the use of light, selective, hands-on physical input (bodywork) which appropriately (but indiscernibly) mobilizes the physiological and energetic resetting of obstructed homeostatic balance.

Effectively alerted and reoriented, the body’s (heretofore disabled) self-maintenance processes can now emerge, search anew for, locate, and correct (naturally heal) any unsound physiological relationships currently out of harmony with homeostasis.

The protocol aptly prompts the utilization of innate afferent-efferent feedback aptitude to initiate the comprehensive physiological re-examination, recognition and correction of needed changes. These changes are competently executed by the genetically endowed self-correcting and maintenance mechanisms.

As the body steadily rebalances itself, both energetic and physiological impediments fall away, which swiftly clears a presumed multitude of obstructed pathways (known and unknown) for the natural return of appropriately conscious, physically stabilized functionality.

Properly operational, the human body’s naturally conscious, genetically endowed self-correcting processes reliably restore whole-body balance and homeostasis, within which, injuries and imbalances – including concussions – have absolutely no place.

The CRP is Derived from The Bowen Technique

The Concussion Recovery Protocol is based on the standard implementation of a select handful of procedures from the original Bowen Technique, a uniquely effective Australian body-balancing modality, posthumously named and disseminated after its equally unique founder, Thomas Ambrose Bowen.

The Bowen Technique is a well established complementary modality enjoying a progressively expanding global presence. Also known as Bowen Therapy and Bowenwork, “Bowen” is a noticeably unobtrusive, form of hands-on, physical medicine (i.e. bodywork).

Bowen defines itself as vibrational medicine, asserting that restoration of homeostatic balance can be initiated by the skilled, physical application of an absolute minimum of precisely-placed sensory input.

From the Bowen perspective, the body’s innate intelligence needs only to be appropriately alerted to its abnormal function with minimal prompting, after which it can reinstate its transiently-errant capabilities and fulfill the inborn directives of corrective restoration.


The CRP resolves the historical deficiency of having no option to resolve concussions incurred by athletes competing in often-ferocious sporting environments.

The Concussion Recovery Protocol is being re-introduced in 2017 exactly as it was independently pioneered with athletes at Menlo College in Atherton, California in November 1996.