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Seeking Currently Concussed, Symptomatic Athletes



This OPEN CALL invitation is extended to a limited number of concussed but otherwise healthy,
professionally-competitive athletes currently suffering unwelcome symptoms from recent sport-induced concussions.

The intent of this Open Call is to address and restore pre-concussion wellness to symptomatic, professional athletes
and clearly demonstrate the existence of a safe, swift, authentic resolution for sport-induced concussions.

If this site's information seems out of step with what you've read or heard or read about concussions
everywhere else, it is

Specifically, Wellness Innovations is extending this invitation to concussed, symptomatic athletes, either gender
(approximately 21-35 years of age) residing in, or having access to the San Francisco Bay Area to experience a safe,
effective, time-honored treatment, the Concussion Resolution Protocol (CRP) to help swiftly initiate the return of
pre-concussion health.

If you are a recently concussed, competitive athlete fitting the above description, or an ally of such an athlete,
please be assured that "it is highly likely that this is the beginning of a swift end to your troubling symptoms and
worrisome sporting circumstances."

To inquire about scheduling, or CRP session availability please use the link below to enter your age, gender, a brief
description of how the injury occurred, the sport, injury date, both your initial and current symptoms and a text-
capable cell phone number.

None of your information is shared with anyone without your consent. As a one man operation, I'll respond as
quickly as I can.

Also, please note the following:

  1. A single visit is all that's needed to initiate the resolution of better than 90{a63fd92d53d690afe685787b435196aa4947d1c238e0e2b7fd1a7f10efa137c6} of all CRP-addressed,
    sport-induced concussion cases.
  2. Open Call remuneration is by donation only. And –
  3. Prior to departure from your initial visit, if you do not experience a noticeably welcome improvement in your
    Condition, meaning an obvious decrease in, or an absence of preexisting concussion symptoms – no remuneration will be
    accepted. No CRP treatment result… no donation.

Phone consultations can be arranged for concussion cases seeking essential treatment information relevant to his or
her injury or recovery, as well as those who wish to schedule a session in the immediate future but for whom travel is
not currently an option.

Connect with me at Wellness Innovations via the Contact Wellness email link below. I look forward to interacting with

All the best, always,

Craig Mattimoe