Scheduling a Concussion Recovery Protocol (CRP) Session



The concussion recovery protocol is open EXCLUSIVELY to professionally-competitive athletes, who are:

  • concussed, but otherwise healthy
  • currently suffering unwelcome symptoms from recent, sport-induced concussions
  • approximately 21-35 years of age


  • to address and restore pre-concussion wellness to a select number of symptomatic pro athletes
  • to declare and validate the availability of a safe, swift, authentic resolution for sport-induced concussions


  • If this site’s recovery information looks different from what you’ve read or heard about concussions everywhere else, it is.
  • A single CRP session is effective in resolving over 90% of all sport-induced concussion cases.
  • This information-heavy specialty site features significant advances from over two decades of concussion recovery research.
  • This website does not represent a treatment center, staffed facility, or high-volume entity. As a consequence, we are handling a limited number of concussion cases.

To Schedule an Appointment

Please enter your age, gender, a brief description of how the injury occurred, the injury date, sport, your initial symptoms, your current symptoms and a text-capable cell phone number here.

Phone consultations can be arranged for athletes who are seeking information relevant to his or her concussion symptoms, injury, or recovery but for whom travel is not currently an option.

None of your information is shared with anyone without your express consent. Your privacy is completely guaranteed.

Compensation is by Donation

  • Remuneration is by donation only.
  • If you do not experience a noticeable improvement in your condition (an obvious decrease in, or absence of, preexisting concussion symptoms) prior to departure from your initial CRP session, no remuneration will be accepted. To reiterate: no result, no donation.


Please check the FAQs for answers to your questions, or contact us here .

I look forward to interacting with you personally…

All the best,
Craig Mattimoe