What is the Concussion Recovery Protocol?
A time-honored, physiological rebalancing technique that helps the body effectively resolve sport-induced concussions. The CRP is not a treatment or management program. It is a resolution protocol that routinely helps initiate safe, swift, concussion recoveries.
Why is the CRP so effective in resolving concussions?
While the CRP does not address concussions per se, it prompts the body to stimulate and mobilize its innate troubleshooting capabilities. As a direct result, the body is able to assess and recognize its own dysfunction and initiate the necessary sequence of corrections that ultimately restore whole body balance and equilibrium.
When you speak of whole body balancing, what do you mean?
Whole body balance is a condition of harmonious stability. A body in balance exhibits structural strength and resilience, fully functional fitness and integrated well-being.  
Why address only professional athletes? Why not amateurs as well?
Because pro athletes are so highly visible, revered, and emulated, they carry more potential to influence, swiftly reach, connect with, and impact the lives of not just fans, but everyone on the planet.
Given their unique circumstances and critical dependency on peak health, concussed pros comprise the most qualified, and nonpartisan community to credibly verify the existence of a first-ever advance in directly resolving an issue that has never been resolvable before.
It won’t take many medically verified concussion recoveries among these elite athletes for the larger pro community to recognize, and in turn confirm, the existence of a safe and long-overdue solution. These readily achievable recoveries will, in turn, set the stage for a welcome global advance for everyone.
Amateur athletes, veterans, elders, accident victims and youngsters are no less important. However, the most direct, effective way to advance real global understanding of sport-induced concussions and bring genuine help to concussion cases everywhere, is to start with the pros.
Briefly, in everyday terms, how does the CRP work?
The protocol helps restore the body’s own natural ability to self-correct. The CRP is a non-invasive, physical technique that helps stimulate the body’s inborn but traumatized capacity to restabilize itself.
The recovery protocol addresses the guarded, traumatized body in a light, welcome, but sparing manner that helps to mobilize a shift, consciously and physically, from an inhibited state of concussive fogginess and physical restriction to a clear state of conscious perception and capable bodily function.  
When is the best time to resolve a concussion?
The best time to resolve a concussion is soon as possible after the injury and diagnosis, while symptoms still exist. The priority is to safely restore pre-concussion health and well-being as quickly as possible.
An athlete’s well-being (present and future) is best supported by resolving concussion trauma and eliminating all symptoms without delay. Whether you intend to return to play as soon as possible, take some time off to reevaluate your life’s path, or walk away entirely, a complete, symptom-free recovery is the superior option in every case. This cannot be overstated.
A safe, swift, full recovery is the diamond standard. There is no better, more healthful, or more sane choice. best-time  
What’s the most important recovery factor of all?
The most important recovery factor of them all is how quickly complete pre-concussion health returns. Recovery rates from sport-induced concussions become encoded. Fast or slow, the characteristics of a concussion recovery can predispose similar, future head trauma recoveries. If you intend to continue playing, the very best insurance is a safe, swift, full recovery.
What does a concussion recovery session include?
A recovery session includes a review of the current concussion as well as any prior head injury history; followed by encouraging information about an athlete’s natural ability to recover, basic session orientation and simple relaxation instructions. The bulk of a CRP session is spent peacefully reclining on a recovery table for about 45 minutes while the protocol is lightly applied.
The CRP is unlike most modalities but can be described as a subtle, intermittently-applied form of bodywork. If you’re familiar with The Bowen Technique or Bowenwork you’ll know what to expect…  
Is it safe?
Completely. It’s a relaxed, calming experience. Zero force, discomfort or pressure. Some folks fall asleep.  
Describe how the CRP is the “Fast Track” from being concussed to being in recovery mode.
The CRP literally induces “the shift.” A real transition from the state of being symptomatic to the initial hour(s) of concussion recovery.
The shift from being concussed and symptomatic to the onset of recovery is easily identified by the noticeable reduction and/or complete absence of one or more existing symptoms. The shift is welcome, almost always obvious, and occurs during or shortly after the initial CRP session in more than 90% of cases.
You define consciousness as the “life force” throughout this site. Please explain.
The energies of consciousness are the “vital life force.” Consciousness is both awareness and energy. It is the innermost sense of being, the formless awareness of existence, and the spark of life. It is life’s energetic essence, the preeminent driver and irreducible minimum of life and living.
You place vast significance on consciousness as a primary element in concussions. Please elaborate.
Yes, because consciousness is literally life’s irreducible minimum. It is also invisible, formless, and can only be detected by consciousness. From a scientific point of view, consciousness can’t be shown to exist. Since its existence can’t be proven, consciousness can’t be formally recognized or included within traditional science.
Would you let your own kids play combative sports?
To be on the safe side and eliminate any possibility of head trauma I’d prefer they didn’t. But if playing was a heartfelt motivation, and he or she seemed well suited for competition, I would not be inclined to interfere. However, I would very likely monitor them even more closely than their coaches and handlers.
What’s the most important advice you can give to athletes regarding concussions?
Know the symptoms. If they occur, stop your activities immediately. Don’t play with even one symptom. Adhere strictly to the R and RTP guidelines. Resume activity gradually, in a stepwise manner, but only after all symptoms are completely gone, per the guidelines. R and RTP guidelines are a reliable pathway out of trouble and back to wellness; they work.
What’s your advice for athletes at all levels who are playing with, or hiding ongoing symptoms?
Be aware that you may be exchanging a healthy future for your present needs. Be honest about the status of your personal health, your condition. Do you get a headache, visual disturbances, transient nausea or marginal dizziness following contact in your particular sport? From running, blocking, checking, heading, striking, wrestling, etc? Be straight up about acknowledging the presence of ongoing, even fleeting symptoms, while engaging in sport activities.
If you have even one symptom, the safest and smartest way to ensure your present and future good health is to immediately cease the activities causing the symptom. Then strictly resume Step 1 of the R and RTP Guidelines. The R and RTP Guidelines are the most widely available and effective option to protect and preserve your health.
Yes, playing through symptoms can be done. Athletes do it all the time. And they have for decades. But at what cost?
Here’s the deal. If you have concussion symptoms, ignore them and play anyway, you’re almost certainly engaging the very mechanism that morphs and escalates a transient concussion (temporarily disrupted function) into actual tissue damage (extended, enduring, or even permanent dysfunction). Ignoring symptoms or ignoring the caveats to cease activities that produce symptoms are almost certainly what initiates the onset of actual physical damage to brain tissue. Such activities, if continued uninterrupted, almost certainly lead to additional tissue damage and ultimately degenerative conditions.
Weigh the very real risks carefully against the specific reasons that are driving you to continue to play with symptoms. Carefully reconsider your long-term goals and your health. Then make the obviously wise and health-sustaining choice.
Does the existence of the CRP protocol reduce the seriousness of concussions?
No. Not one iota. Every concussion is taken seriously because, unless handled properly each and every concussion could morph into an unknown amount of tissue damage and harm to the brain. Concussions are injuries that carry the potential to bring life-changing or even catastrophic results.
In no way does the emergence of a real solution for sport-induced concussions change the acceptability or reduce the danger of sport-induced concussions. The protocol simply ends the alarming deficiency of having no way to resolve this widespread and ceaselessly threatening injury.