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The Purpose of Focusing on Professional Athletes - Sport-induced concussions are a worldwide problem – a concern for athletes, a liability for sports, a dilemma for medicine, and an enigma for science. Concussions are pervasive, very poorly understood, and universally regarded as untreatable. The Concussion Recovery Protocol (CRP) is the first-ever solution for sport-induced concussions suffered by otherwise healthy competitive athletes. The CRP is safe, swift, routinely reliable and has stood the test … Continue reading The Purpose of Focusing on Professional Athletes »
RRTP Guidelines Concussion Symptom Checklist - These Recovery and Return To Play (RRTP) Guidelines are designed to monitor and ensure a symptom-free recovery from concussions. Concussed athletes, listen up! It's in your best interests to follow this step-by-step approach, which will enable you to achieve a safe, full recovery before resuming ANY vigorous or sports-related activities. It is absolutely essential to fulfill the requirements and goal of each of the 5 Steps before moving on to the following step. These 5 steps are the safest, surest, self-determined way to preserve and ensure your health, now and in the future...
Abstract: A review of 33 sport-induced concussion treatment outcomes - BACKGROUND: Athletes suffering sport-induced post-concussion syndrome exhibit a range of neurological deficits. PCS is an unresolved medical enigma and chronically widespread malady. It has no known remedy. The improvised treatment and swiftly favorable recoveries of 3 PCS cases turned a spontaneous intervention into an ongoing study thus obliged to authenticate 2 rigorous therapeutic objectives.
Concussion: From Injury to Recovery - As previously stated, sport-induced concussions suffered by otherwise healthy competitive athletes disturb consciousness, disrupt physiology, and disable the synchronicity between the two. When consciousness and physiology are out of sync, the result is akin to using compromised fuel in a high performance race car or running at full speed on uneven ground wearing a blindfold. You won’t be competing effectively for long. Sport-induced concussions are … Continue reading Concussion: From Injury to Recovery »
Bowen as Sports Medicine – Safely Resolving Post-Concussion Syndrome (PCS) - Nowhere is the magic of Bowen more evident than in time-critical sporting applications. A gasping athlete rushes out of a game wide-eyed, both hands clutching his sternum; or grimacing in agony gingerly carrying a wrist aloft; or twisted and contorted, favoring an injury that is not immediately evident; or staring vacantly, staggering to the sideline.