Concussion: From Injury to Recovery

As previously stated, sport-induced concussions suffered by otherwise healthy competitive athletes disturb consciousness, disrupt physiology, and disable the synchronicity between the two.

When consciousness and physiology are out of sync, the result is akin to using compromised fuel in a high performance race car or running at full speed on uneven ground wearing a blindfold. You won’t be competing effectively for long.

Sport-induced concussions are comparable to a disturbance in the source of power supplying a skyscraper, an energetic disturbance which swiftly but randomly disrupts the physical function of innumerable electrical devices throughout the affected structure.

Some floors will function normally without any issues, other floors may flicker on and off unreliably while some floors are blacked out and wholly dysfunctional. This is similar to the predictable but random deficits suffered by a concussed athlete.

Application of the Concussion Recovery Protocol is akin to hitting a reset switch or changing a blown fuse following an electrical disturbance.

The CRP appropriately addresses the body in an apt manner, prompting it to restart, whereupon it can refresh and reinstate its own transiently disrupted functionality and balance.

The result is a steady return of physical functionality, conscious life force, and the unbridled synchronicity between these two quintessentially interdependent elements.