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Aiva Arquette

“Immediately after my treatment, I felt a lot better. My father commented on how miraculously
I seemed to be back to normal. My spirits were up again and I was singing my favorite song
on the radio on our way home. I felt like my old self again.”

Aiva Arquette, Pop Warner Quarterback, Hawaii – 2015 (13-year-old son of Athens Arquette)

Benito “Golden Boy” Lopez

“MMA is one of the most serious combat sports out there. Concussions happen all the time, whether it’s in practice or in a fight. Last year Craig helped me recover from a concussion very quickly. If I ever have symptoms again I’ll contact Craig immediately to safely help me return to combat as soon as possible with a healthy brain. The Concussion Recovery Protocol works.” 2016
Benito “Golden Boy” Lopez – Professional UFC Fighter (8-0 Amateur, 8-0 Professional) – 2017