Concussion Resolution Services

for Professional Athletes Only

During this inaugural launch, the concussion resolution services of this website are available exclusively to concussed professional athletes, very likely the most influential and qualified community in all the world to recognize a genuine advance in, not just treating or managing, but legitimately resolving sport-induced concussions.

The intent is to get this message to the elite pro athletic community so that “concussed professional athletes have the option to directly experience safe, swiftly effective and medically-verifiable returns to pre-concussion health and wellness.” Every athlete, every time…

The most direct, effective way to advance global understanding of sport-induced concussions and bring genuine help to concussion cases, at all levels and ages, everywhere… Starting with the pros…


Currently Seeking a Limited Number of Recently Concussed Professional Athletes

Session Inquiries

Call Us 650.555.1212

NOTE! If you are concussed and reading this, you shouldn’t be.

Reading can hinder your recovery. Have someone else read it to you.


Sport-induced concussions as suffered by otherwise healthy, competitive athletes are routinely resolvable

The Concussion Resolution Protocol “helps restore the body’s innate ability to self-correct”

The CRP initiates “the shift” from being concussed to the beginning hour(s) of concussion recovery

The Concussion Resolution Protocol (CRP) is swiftly effective, non-invasive and easily applied

See how and why safe,full recoveries are readily achievable for “concussed but otherwise healthy, contact, collision and combat athletes”…


The head is the principal location of human consciousness – the light of awareness.


Forceful “disturbances” in consciousness reduce brain capacity to regulate vital activities. The result? Random, frightening “disruption” of basic brain function


Brain function is “devitalized” so suddenly that sport-induced concussions are misidentified as untreatable brain injuries.Thankfully, the vast majority are neither


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