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NOTE! If you are concussed and reading this, you shouldn’t be.
Reading can hinder your recovery. Have someone else read it to you.

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Why CRP?


The head is the principal location of human consciousness – the vital life force. Concussions forcefully “disturb” consciousness, abruptly limiting its vital influence


Forceful “disturbances” in consciousness reduce the brain’s ability to regulate vital activities. The result? Random and frightening “disruption” of basic brain function


Brain function is “devitalized” so suddenly sports concussions are misidentified as untreatable traumatic brain injuries.Thankfully, the vast majority are neither…

When is the Best Time to Resolve a Concussion?

While symptoms still exist. Right after your injury and official medical diagnosis.

Whether you intend to return to play as soon as possible, take some time off to reevaluate your life’s path or walk away entirely, a complete, symptom-free recovery is the superior option in every case.

There is no better choice.

What’s the Most Important Recovery Factor of All?

How quickly complete pre- concussion health returns.

Recovery rates from sport-induced concussions become encoded. Fast or slow, the characteristics of a concussion recovery can predispose similar, future head trauma recoveries.

If you return to play, the very best insurance is a safe, swift, full recovery.

“The Shift.” Moving from Concussed to Recovery Mode

The CRP induces the shift from being symptomatic to the initial hours of recovery

To know the protocol is real, to know the protocol works, it must be directly experienced, first hand, by athletes currently suffering concussion symptoms. There are zero exceptions.

Nothing surpasses a safe, swift recovery experience.


“Concussions and their after effects are a whole lot less frightening when you know there’s somebody out there who can actually do something about it.”
– Athens Arquette, Tight End, Menlo College Oaks,1998

“MMA is one of the most serious combat sports out there. Concussions happen all the time in this sport, whether it’s in practice or in a fight. Last year Craig helped me recover from a concussion very quickly. If I ever have symptoms again I’ll contact Craig immediately to safely help me return to combat as soon as possible with a healthy brain. The Concussion Resolution Protocol works.”
– Benito “Golden Boy” Lopez, Professional MMA Fighter (8-0 Amateur, 6-0 Professional), 2016

Concussion Insights

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Initiating the Welcome Return to Pre-Concussion Health - For some people it can be challenging to grasp the concept that sport-induced concussions are both an energetic and a physiological malady. Recognizing the existence of energetic disturbances that result from head trauma is immeasurably helpful in understanding the enigmatic nature of concussions, concussion recoveries and the simplicity of the Concussion Resolution Protocol in resolving this all too prevalent sport-induced malady. The sudden impact of … Continue reading Initiating the Welcome Return to Pre-Concussion Health »